Obama’s Smart Grid Stimulus Creates a Global Player in Colorado

Obama’s Smart Grid Stimulus Creates a Global Player in Colorado

Since entering the smart grid space in 2009, Colorado-based Tendril has quadrupled its workforce and revenues. Now it’s landing major deals in Australia

By Maria Galluci, SolveClimate News

Washington’s smart grid stimulus campaign is paying off for many U.S. software companies.

Having flourished on the back of federal support, firms are finding growing demand for their services worldwide, as grid operators grapple with upgrading meters and adding variable renewable power to their systems.

Perhaps none has seen a bigger payoff than Boulder, Colo.-based Tendril.

The energy management software start-up has quadrupled both its workforce and revenues since tapping into the market several years ago, allowing it to expand overseas.

Tendril provides applications that help customers understand how much electricity they consume and at what times of day, and to set personal goals to conserve energy. Users can monitor and control consumption via smartphones, tablets, computers and flat-screen televisions, or opt for a separate in-home display.

In May, the firm announced a major partnership with Origin Energy, Australia’s largest energy retailer. Origin will deploy a pilot service of Tendril’s Energize application suite in thousands of Australian homes later this year, with the potential for mass distribution to nearly 5 million households.

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